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Our history

The history of Oxford began on the twentieth century with the work of young Francisco Loersch. In November 26th, 1953, Francisco negotiated the assets of Cerâmica Santa Terezinha with a group of businessmen leaded by Otair Becker, the main responsible for the success trajectory of the company during decades. Cerâmica Santa Terezinha, located in the Oxford district of the city of São Bento do Sul, has been renamed to Indústria Cerâmica Oxford Ltda.

Having adopted a new business model of what would be the current Oxford S/A, the new directions of the company were established so that, on January 2nd., 1954, production began with only 72 employees and 1 manufacturing unit.

Oxford Mineração comes up in 1968, in the city of Campo Alegre (SC), focusing to source raw materials to Oxford itself and later on, to commercialize clay to other market segments.

In 1976 Oxford sent the first container overseas and since then, exports only grew up. A fact that generated the need to build a second plant in São Bento do Sul (SC). From 1976 to 1984 the company exported 1.359 containers.

The first appearance at an international trade fair came in 1980, in Berlin, Germany. At this same year, the company also starts to count with 880 employees.

In 1981 Oxford Porcelanas opens the first factory shop, located next to the company, in São Bento do Sul (SC). In 1982 one of the icons of the brand comes up: the wooden packaging.

In 1994 Oxford completes 40 years and shows impressive numbers: presence in 65 countries, 5th place in the ranking of the largest in the world, absolute leadership among tableware producers in Latin America and 1.400 employees.

In 1995 Oxford Porcelanas achieves the ISO 9000 certification. In 1996 and in 2001 the plant facilities 05 and 06 are inaugurated, both in São Bento do Sul (SC).

The 50th anniversary takes place in 2003, the same year that the company starts to use natural gas, a fuel with a lower environmental impact.

In 2010 the company changes its positioning and is renamed Oxford Porcelanas, same brand that will be used for porcelain commercialization. Oxford daily comes with more colorful and practical products, for the day-by-day. The ceramic line is renamed to Biona Ceramic. In 2011, there is the acquisition of the craft crystal factory located in Pomerode (SC). At this moment the brand Oxford Crystal arises.

Oxford Cookware is launched and the company enters the cookware business, offering pieces that have an advanced antimicrobial nanotechnology and that go to the stove, oven, refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dishwasher.

A new goal is achieved in 2016: Oxford opens the first factory plant outside the estate of Santa Catarina. Emerges Oxford Espírito Santo, located in the city of São Mateus.

In 2017 Strauss brand becomes part of the Oxford Group and the company enters in the luxury segment. And, from that moment on, it started to be known as Oxford Group, and no longer as Oxford Porcelanas.

Today Oxford is owned by an investment fund made up of the three founding families of WEG (one of the largest electrical equipment manufacturers in the world) and shows itself to the market as a solid company and a trusted supplier.


Meet the market expectations with innovative products, that amaze the consumers.


Participative Management - All Oxford staff members are responsible for their own behavior and performance, though open, constructive and direct communication.

Respect - We treat everyone with dignity, and respect each individual’s background, culture and point of view.

Integrity - All aspects of our behavior are exemplified by honesty, consistency and professionalism.

Excellence in Quality - We offer quality products and services, designed to meet the needs and expectations of our consumers and clients.

Focus on the Consumers and Clients - Our actions are guided by the desires of our clients and end-consumers.

Ethics in Relationships - Our relationships are based on proper and ethical behavior.