Our business


Oxford has everything to make every moment of your day special trough products that combine design, beauty and functionality. Pieces for cooking, serving, toasting, organizing, decorating and also to the Gourmet Market.

Oxford Gifts

Oxford products are excellent options of gifts for those companies that want to surprise their clients and employees. Either with items of the normal collection or with tailor made developments, it is possible to mark the life of people in a very special way. Refinement, quality and sustainability are differentials offered by Oxford Gifts.

Oxford Mineração

Established with the main purpose of supplying the company with raw materials, now-a-days Oxford Mineração also offers its clays with excellent technical properties and pure colors to the ceramic market of other segments, such as for the production of glazes, coatings, insulators, refractories among others.


A friendly and traditional brand, made for every moment. Besides all the sets of ceramic dinnerware, the brand also offers high quality borosilicate refractory bakeware. And, for those who want to complete the table, there is also beautiful options of cups, glasses and accessories in crystal.


The artisanal manufacture of pure crystal is an ancient craft. A tradition that spans generations and which was the basis for the birth of Strauss, a brand that quickly became one of the main icons in the luxury crystal segment, taking Brazil to international levels. Since 2017, the brand is part of the Oxford Group.