Our business

Oxford Cookware

Cooking pans and bakeware products with superior quality, highly thermal shock resistant: From cold to hot environments and vice versa. Versatile products with practical and functional design, making your cooking easier and very beautiful to go directly to the table!

Oxford Porcelanas

The new generation of porcelain that connects design and technology with sustainability. Products especially designed to value the personality of a new Brazilian generation: Men and women of attitude that live the rush of the daily life, but still considering indispensable a beautiful cozy table set up for each meal.

Oxford Daily

A young and up to date brand for your day by day. Cheerful products, with modern colors and decorations allied to a design created thinking especially on your convenience and comfort. Dinnerware, sets, cups and mugs that will become your true companions for the best moments of your daily routine.

Oxford Crystal

Special and unique like you! To provide the best tasting experiences, Oxford Crystal rescued the handcraft technic of crystal production. Presenting to the market glasses, goblets and complements that are true pieces of art, worked to perfection by master glassmakers.

Oxford Promocional

Oxford products are excellent options of gifts for those companies that want to surprise their clients and employees. Either with items of the normal collection or with tailor made developments, it is possible to mark the life of people in a very special way. Refinement, quality and sustainability are differentials offered by Oxford Promocional.


A friendly and traditional brand, made for every moment. Sets for snack, dessert, dinner, bowls and mugs combining quality with affordability. Biona ware offers the practicality that all family want.

Oxford Mineração

Established with the main purpose of supplying the company with raw materials, now-a-days Oxford Mineração also offers its clays with excellent technical properties and pure colors to the ceramic market of other segments, such as for the production of glazes, coatings, insulators, refractories among others.