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Design and technology with sustainability

These are the three pillars that guide Oxford to carry on all activities to meet the expectations of a new consumer generation that is more connected, cosmopolitan, creative and conscious. And for that new generations of consumers Oxford created a new generation of porcelain, combining design and technology with sustainability.


Oxford has an internal design team that takes care of all product developments. The company invests heavily in research and always follows the latest tendencies to launch products more and more up-to-date with Brazilian and worldwide trends. Oxford pieces are sold in entire Brazilian territory and exported to more than 60 countries.


Oxford counts on several high technology equipment that allow the creation of products with exclusive shapes and designs, that can be produced in large scale. In addition, the company developed the Super White porcelain, a kind of innovative porcelain that offers much whiter color and is stronger than the traditional ones.


All items produced by Oxford are completely nontoxic in regards to heavy metals release. And this is because the company uses pure raw materials, coming from its own mines. All production rejects related directly to the production of the products are reused and come back to the production process. In addition, the company uses natural gas as fuel on the kilns and the products are fired at a lower temperature with the use of oxidizing flame, a type of flame that does not produce smoke and avoids the emission of polluting gases in the atmosphere.